Getting to Platinum or Private Club seems difficult when you do not know how to earn Multiply points. Continue reading to find out how to increase your Multiply status.

  1. Log in to the Multiply website and complete the following questionnaires:
  • Health and activity questionnaire – 20 points
  • Safety questionnaire – 20 points
  • Financial wellness questionnaire – 20 points
  1. Get the Multipoint Vehicle Safety Check (Cost of R99) at Tiger Wheel & Tyre – 40 points for the year. Unlock 30 more points for travelling Safe Dayz by doing the safety check.
  1. Have Safe Dayz – download the Momentum app and activate Safe Dayz – one point for every safe day, up to a maximum of 80 points for the year (maximum of 110 points for the year if you do the Tiger Wheel & Tyre safety check).
  1. Go for your health assessment at Dischem, Clicks or Pick n Pay pharmacy to know find out your Healthy Heart Score – 30 points for doing assessment and up to 70 points based on results
  1. Go for a fitness assessment – up to 80 points depending on fitness level. Unlock 80 more points for Active Dayz by going for a fitness assessment.
  1. Be active and get Active Dayz – one point for every active day, up to a maximum of 80 points for the year (maximum of 160 points for the year if you do a fitness assessment).
  1. Go for a yearly review with a financial adviser. Ask your advisor to complete and submit a declaration of advice – 100 points
  1. Have other Momentum products – between 50 and 80 points per product depending on how long you have the product.

Points required for 2021:

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance and guidance.